Work for the week

Since our two (soon to be adopted) children moved in last year, I’ve not taken a single calligraphy job. It has felt nice to not have the additional stress of looming deadlines along with the stress of caring for our kids. But this week, I did the calligraphy for Veritas Academy’s high school diplomas. 

There weren’t that many, since it’s a small school, but it was a little stressful. However, it was an enjoyable… getting things done… happy with the end result kind of stress. It felt really great to make these knowing that these students and their parents will appreciate them. 

I’m trying to embrace the idea that my calligraphy is a skill that is worthy of sharing. You see, there is a lie that lives on the dark side of perfectionism… You’re not good enough. It’s a lie that tells you to hide and to be ashamed of any perceived imperfection. 

The reality is that my work is good enough – because my clients and I both think that it’s beautiful. And those are the opinions that matter. 

I can still critique my work and see areas where I can improve, and that will make my future work better. Saying that “tomorrow’s work will be even better” is much more hopeful and productive than believing the lie. Don’t you think? 


(I marked out the last names to respect their privacy.)

Work for the week

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